Water Reclamation

Reclaimed water is the future of wastewater treatment and disposal in North Carolina. Green Engineering has been heavily involved in the development of municipal reclaimed water systems for over a decade. Recognizing the need to remove treated wastewater from the nutrient sensitive waters of many of the State’s drainage basins, Green Engineering is working with municipalities to create reclaimed water systems that will utilize this resource for golf course and site irrigation, commercial and industrial process and cooling water and for use in numerous processes at the wastewater treatment plants (foam reduction, chemical feed, pump cooling water and equipment wash down). Green Engineering provides the planning, design, permitting and construction administration/observation services required for the following reclaimed water system components:

  • Reclaimed Water Extensions
  • Irrigation System Design (Golf Course)
  • System Modeling (WaterCad)
  • Potable to Reclaimed Water Conversion for WWTP Processes
  • Elevated Storage Tanks
  • In-ground Storage (ponds and lagoons)
  • Pumping Systems
  • SCADA Services
  • GIS Mapping