Land Development

Green Engineering prides itself on working with private, commercial and industrial developers in their efforts to create successful developments throughout eastern and piedmont North Carolina. We work closely with the developer to create a project scope that will meet their individual immediate and long term needs. Once identified, these needs are the foundation for the development of a preliminary plan that will define the project in its entirety. We are the developer’s representative during the regulatory review process, attending all Technical Review, Planning Board and City/Town Council meetings. We will, after preliminary plan approval, prepare all design drawings, specifications and bid documents required to permit and construct the project. A project cost estimate and construction schedule will be prepared for the developer to use in budgeting the development. Green Engineering will also provide a construction observer to inspect, periodically or full time, the project’s construction to guarantee the owner that their project is being constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. Land development projects undertaken by Green Engineering include:

  • Single Family Subdivisions
  • Multi Family Developments
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Commercial Sites and Centers
  • Office Parks
  • Industrial Parks
  • Industrial Site Development
  • Thoroughfare Projects